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Our Staff

Dr Geoff Baker Executive Headteacher
Mr Dave Forshaw Deputy Headteacher
Miss Lesley Archer Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mr Craig Lomas Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Lisa Shoreman Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mr Phil Swain Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Debbie Sutch Executive Business Manager
Mr Phil Dickinson Head of Faculty / Art and Photography Teacher
Miss Hannah Murray 2nd in Faculty / Art Teacher
Mrs Christine Hughes Art and DT Teacher
Miss Lucy Millar Cooking Teacher
Mrs Julia Rawlinson Art and Photography Teacher / Covid Recovery Mentor
Mrs Michelle Storey IT Teacher
Miss Kirsty Tierney Head of Faculty / English Teacher
Miss Natalie Jenkinson Cohort Lead / English Teacher
Miss Megan Williams Cohort Lead / English Teacher
Miss Sharon Stedman Whole School Literacy Lead / English Teacher
Miss Bethany Carney English Teacher
Mrs Roxanne Earith Librarian
Mrs Robyn Howard-Sinclair English Teacher
Miss Chloe Ogden English Teacher
Mrs Cara Sargeant English Teacher
Mr Dean Wilkes English Teacher
Mrs Margaret Ainscough Head of Faculty / Cover Manager
Mr Mark Blagbrough Careers Advisor
Miss Sally Hesketh Student Leadership Coordinator / History Teacher
Miss Stacey Leigh Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator / Languages Teacher / Head of Year 8
Mr Craig Lomas Head of Faculty / Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mr Craig Armstrong History Lead / History Teacher
Mr Rory Ooi Geography Lead / Geography Teacher
Miss Shannon Taylor RE Lead / RE Teacher
Dr Geoff Baker RE Teacher / Executive Headteacher
Mr Thomas Briggs Geography Teacher
Miss Rebecca Beagan History Teacher
Mrs Helen Cashman Humanities Teacher / Head of Inclusion Team
Mr Gene Ceguera Humanities Teacher
Mr Dave Forshaw History Teacher / Deputy Headteacher
Miss Sally Hesketh History Teacher / Student Leadership Coordinator
Mrs Caroline Smith Geography Teacher
Miss Megan Smith History and RE Teacher
Mr Phil Swain History Teacher / Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mr Eddie Siddall Head of Faculty / Languages Teacher
Mrs Jade Vickers 2nd in Faculty / Languages Teacher
Mrs Rachael Ashton Languages Teacher
Mrs Steph Braithwaite Languages Teacher / Primary Transition Coordinator
Mr Alex Habeck Languages Teacher
Miss Stacey Leigh Languages Teacher / Head of Year 8 / Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Mrs Laura Siddall Languages Teacher
Miss Lesley Archer Head of Faculty / Senior Assistant Headteacher / Maths Teacher
Mrs Louise Wright Maths Lead / Maths Teacher
Mrs Michelle Rothwell Cohort Lead / Maths Teacher
Miss Hannah Stewart Cohort Lead / Maths Teacher
Mrs Georgina Evans Whole School Numeracy Lead / Maths Teacher
Mrs Caroline Gibson-Glynn Maths Teacher / SENCO
Miss Beth Moakes Maths Teacher
Miss Megan Moore Maths Teacher
Miss Naomi Rainford Maths Teacher
Mrs Lisa Shoreman Maths Teacher / Senior Assistant Headteacher
Miss Beth Stoneley Maths Teacher
Mrs Sandra Williams Senior Learning Coach
Mr Chris Mugan Head of Faculty / PE Teacher
Mrs Steff Lowe 2nd in Faculty / Dance and PE Teacher
Miss Lucy Bradley PE Teacher / Head of Year 7
Mr Jon Mayor PE Teacher / Covid Recovery Mentor
Miss Hayley Rae PE Teacher / Covid Recovery Mentor
Miss Anna Rose Music Teacher
Miss Rebecca Threlfall PE Teacher
Miss Emily Tonge Drama and PE Teacher
Mrs Lynsey Allsop Head of Faculty / Science Teacher
Mr Scott Parry 2nd in Faculty / Science Teacher
Miss Charlotte Simpson Cohort Lead / Science Teacher
Miss Rachel Bishop Science Teacher
Mr Mark Chatterley Science Teacher
Miss Alice Hughes Science Teacher
Mr Jonathan McCombie Science Technician
Mrs Leigh Nash Science Teacher
Mrs Lisa Rothwell Science Teacher / Head of Pastoral Team
Mr Mike Sumpter Science Teacher / Covid Recovery Mentor
Miss Rebecca Travis Science Teacher
Mrs Jess Welch Science Teacher
Mrs Helen Cashman Head of Inclusion / Humanities Teacher
Mrs Caroline Gibson-Glynn SENCO / Maths Teacher
Mrs Paula Bilsbury Senior Learning Coach
Mrs Pam Charnock Learning Coach
Miss Helena Fairclough Learning Coach
Mrs Amy Gladwin Senior Learning Coach
Mrs Kath Hesketh Learning Coach
Mrs Cath May Learning Coach and Visual Media Coordinator
Miss Lynne Napoli Learning Coach
Miss Chloe Southworth Learning Coach
Miss Chloe Stowell Learning Coach
Mrs Debbie Sutch Executive Business Manager
Mrs Margaret Ainscough Cover Manager / Head of Enrichment Faculty
Mrs Diane Barton Finance Officer
Mrs Linda Bold Housekeeper
Mr Steve Carletti Caretaker
Mr Mark Davies Site Maintenance
Mrs Anna Dobinson Finance Assistant
Mr Phil Dwyer Network Manager
Mr John Jennings Premises Manager
Mrs Tracey Knowles Receptionist / Admin
Mrs Nicola Manning Receptionist / Admin
Miss Jess Parr Cover Supervisor
Mrs Joanne Rafferty Receptionist / Admin
Mrs Karen Smith Office Manager / Executive Headteacher’s PA
Mrs Laura Wilkes Data Exams Manager
Mrs Lisa Rothwell Head of Pastoral Team / Science Teacher
Mrs Jan Briscoe Senior Pastoral Leader
Miss Lucy Bradley Head of Year 7 / PE Teacher
Mrs Mandy Davies Head of Year 9
Miss Katie Ferguson Head of Year 11
Mrs Kate Fleming Head of Year 10
Mrs Allison Giannoni Attendance Support
Miss Stacey Leigh Head of Year 8 / Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator / Languages Teacher
Mrs Katie Rigby Attendance Officer