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Covid-19 Information

The spread of Coronavirus has dominated the headlines since early 2020 and has had a profound impact on all of our lives. Nowhere is this more evident than in our schools.

In March 2020 our school was partially closed. The majority of our students were sent home in an attempt to stem the spread of Coronavirus. Throughout this period they worked through physical work packs supported by online learning resources. They were phoned at least once every week by linked members of staff who checked on their wellbeing and were supported remotely by our teachers who reviewed work, set new tasks and did their best to ensure that every student continued to make accelerated progress.

Cansfield never closed throughout this time. We remained open for those of our students who are children of Key Workers or were deemed to be vulnerable. The school was staffed by volunteers only on a three weekly rota, working through the Easter and half-term holidays to ensure that we did our bit to support the national fight against Coronavirus and that those parents who held key roles could continue to go to work, knowing that their children were safe. Attendance at school rose steadily throughout this period and we were confident that all of those students who needed to be in, were in.

In June 2020 we welcomed back our Year 10 students for 3-hour Masterclass revision sessions. These were incredibly well attended and ensured that the vast majority of our Year 10 students had the opportunity to complete at least one extended session in every subject that they were studying before the breakup for summer.

Between September and December 2020 the school was fully open, with a wide range of measures put in place to ensure that our students were safe on site and we were delighted by the positive way in which our community quickly adapted to these new rules and routines. During this period we moved to an electronic platform, Google Classroom, to host remote learning. To ensure that any students who were self-isolating during this period could access these materials, we purchased 300 Google Chromebooks and numerous internet sims.

In January 2021 the Government announced a further lockdown and school was partially closed again. We provided onsite education for the children of Key Workers and for our vulnerable students. Supported by the technology we invested in, all other students accessed remote learning via Google Classrooms.

The school reopened in March 2021. Huge work was completed to ensure that the school is safe and we have invested heavily in improving ventilation in the school, enhanced cleaning and promoting good hygiene practices. At the point of writing (January 2022) we are due to open fully for the new year and are in the process of setting up on-site testing for those who opt for it. We very much hope that the the academic year 2021-22 continues without the levels of interruption we have seen in previous years.

If you have any concerns of queries please feel free to get in touch with the school and do check the ‘Recent Letters’ section of the website for Covid-19 related information that has been sent home.


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