Specialist Resource Base


Specialist Resource Base

The Specialist Resource Base at Cansfield is part of the Resourced Provision funded by the Local Authority specifically for students with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition. The SRB provides targeted support plans and interventions to enable our learners to access a full and challenging timetable of subject specific lessons, taught by subject specialists in all areas.

The vision of the SRB is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where the emphasis is on achievement and success and where students are continually encouraged to set high targets and aspirations for themselves. The staff from the SRB provide a structured environment where our students are encouraged to challenge themselves and develop the skills and personal strengths to reach their full potential. At Cansfield we firmly believe that we have a moral and educational responsibility to ensure that our SRB learners experience the same education provision and opportunities as their neurotypical peers.

The model of the SRB is to encourage our learners to access a full timetable of subjects. We want our students to experience a typical secondary education, taught by experienced teachers and supported by our highly experienced pastoral support team. We also believe that enabling our students to enjoy and improve their social interactions is equally as important as their academic achievements and we will support our students to attend extracurricular clubs and enrichment activities. However, we also appreciate that there will be times when our students need additional support and that is when the SRB will provide targeted support and focused interventions to help our students deal with their specific needs. The main aim is always to enable our students to return to their timetabled lesson where they will receive outstanding quality first teaching from our subject specialists. The measure of our success is to watch our SRB students leave us as successful young adults with the skills and academic success to enable them to make positive choices for the next part of their academic journey.

At Cansfield we invest heavily in ensuring that all of our teachers and support staff have the necessary qualifications to support our ASC learners. Currently we have 25 members of staff who are studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Autism Studies as part of a Masters qualification, this means that many of our teachers and support staff have a deep understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and have a vast array of strategies that they can use when planning and delivering lessons.

If you would like to apply for a place within the SRB for your child then all applications must be made to Lucy Coup at the Children and Families department at Wigan Council. We do not take part in the decision making process and are unable to comment on individual cases.

Annual Open Evening

We are pleased to announce that our Annual Open Evening will take place on Thursday, 10th October.

If you are applying for a secondary place for your child for September 2025, we warmly invite you to join us at our Open Event.

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