At Cansfield we are proud to say we are a fully inclusive school that celebrated difference. We are fully committed to ensuring that all our pupils, irrespective of background are able to succeed in life beyond Cansfield. We ensure that our pupils are aware of the core British values and themselves value mutual respect, the rule of law, tolerance and individual liberty, while being able to access democracy.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural education at Cansfield High School underpins all aspects of the curriculum and is designed to enable pupils to become respectful, courageous, curious, aspiration and honourable.

‘It has long been recognized that the SMSC development underpins learning. There is strong evidence that demonstrates the link between pupils’ health and wellbeing and attainment’ (NAHT / PHE, 2014). At Cansfield, we are committed to ensuring our duty under the Equality Act 2010 is fulfilled, to ensure that teaching is accessible to all, including those under the ‘protected characteristics’. We additionally ensure that we ‘develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment’. (Article 28, UNCRC).

We understand that ‘High quality SMSC, through PSHE, can help to foster good relations between pupils, tackle prejudice – including trans and homophobia – and promote understanding and respect, to enable all members of the school community to flourish’ (John Rees).

All staff at Cansfield are trained in delivering SMSC education through whole staff CPD sessions, both internally provided and through external providers. SMSC is delivered in a number of ways; In our global citizens lessons the pupils cover a range of texts that highlight these core values. SMSC is evidenced through a rigorous and responsive PSHE, Citizenship and Religion, Worldviews and Philosophy curriculum and through all subjects, either subjects delivering these in their own right or through across curricular links. SMSC is also delivered through our Enrichment offer, some examples being Debate Club, Eco Club, Mandarin, Duke of Edinburgh, Maths club, Sports clubs and our school performances. Additionally, a number or responsive, and reflective SMSC based external providers are brought in, for example CELLS, guest singers with a focus on Mental Health and wellbeing, raising aspirations and empathy are commonplace.

Finally, the formal and school initiatives at Cansfield includes students building a sense of ‘belonging’ at Cansfield, where they can feel safe in their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity and sexuality and this is embedded in every room and corridor in the school, through our behaviour policy and equality objectives, and through our dedication to inclusion in all aspects of school life.

SMSC Through the Curriculum:

We see evidence of SMSC across the curriculum. Below you will find just some examples of SMSC in the curriculum:

Maths: In Maths, SMSC underpins learning. In maths we value inquisitiveness and fascination in learning. Additionally, we discuss multiple methods to getting the correct answer rand emphasise the equal validity of this, students work collaboratively to build teamwork and communication skills.  Some specific examples of where you may see SMSC is when looking at Pythagorus, we mention this reference in the bible, Maths Club (creating origami, Islamic Art, Rangoli Patterns), Maths in other cultures, for example symmetry, number systems in Roman Numerals.

English: In English, SMSC underpins learning. We cover a number of texts that support SMSC and our values include control, communication, empathy, creativity, curiosity and independence. Some specific examples of where you may see SMSC Some examples are Blood Brothers, Martyn Pig and A Christmas Carol looks at issues of poverty. We look at an Inspector Calls with issues of class and individual responsibility, Of Mice and Men looks at bonds of friendship and community.

Science: In Science, SMSC underpins learning. Our ethos is to create curious students who are intrigues and passionate about the world around them. This supports both our curriculum and the humanities curriculum of SMSC. Some examples you may see are the reference to the Imprisonment of Galileo for his evidence. We consider the ethic’s and morals of genetic engineering and scientists intervention in the ‘rules’ of science.

Creatives: In Creatives, SMSC underpins learning. In creatives we inspire passion for art, culture a expression. Some examples of where you will see SMSC in our curriculums are in Art you will see the ‘Great British Art’. We celebrate culture, wealth, history and diversity of our nation. Additionally, we look at how to stay safe and communicate in the new digital age in Computing and to adapt to the changing world online. In our exploration of food preparation, we look at culture and history of food, including how to observe religious rules in food preparation.

Humanities: In Humanities we feel we embody SMSC, we are proud to say we create ‘global citizens; who are able to access, debate and understand the world around them. Through History we have worked extensively to create a ‘de-colonialised’ curriculum that celebrated History if different groups of people, ensuring History is taught in a neutral way. In Religion, Worldviews and Philosophy we cover the ‘Big 6’ of religion to ensure pupils are aware of the different spiritual beliefs across the globe, additional to looking at non-religious beliefs. Pupil have the opportunity to discuss and debate these topics at length. In Geography we ensure pupils understand the physical wold they live in and how they can connect to this, we also raise big issues of global cities and countries to ensure pupils are able to see difference in the way life is conducted outside of the UK? In Life Studies we have a fully inclusive, adaptive and engaging curriculum that ensures pupils are fully prepared to adapt to life’s challenges outside of Cansfield.

Performance: In Performance,  SMSC underpins learning. Performance is all about expression, control, teamwork and communication.  In performance through PE we have a number of enrichment clubs such as football, rugby, netball and boxing. In our lessons we look at different cultural sports such as Gaelic Football, we work on teamwork, collaboration and being part of something bigger than themselves through examining the social aspects of sport. In Music and Drama, we encourage the pupils to feel emotional connections to characters in performance, and in composers for music. We allow students to express themselves creatively through a variety of forms of performance, including performance culture and composition of historical styles of music.

Languages: As part of our languages curriculum we immerse pupils in SMSC through their deep dive into French culture which allows pupils to fully appreciate the similarities and differences to their own. We also look at a variety of different cultures and ways of life. We explore and celebrate difference in festivals and across different cultures to ensure our pupils have a rich diet of cultural nuances.