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Home Learning

At Cansfield High School, we deem it is important to set about making excellent progress in your child’s learning by reinforcing crucial knowledge beyond the classroom. To help structure this important aspect of their learning students have access to Knowledge Organisers for all subject areas. The Knowledge Organisers will help your son/daughter to learn a wide range of knowledge to prepare them for lessons, low/high stake assessments and GCSE public examinations, and the world of work when used appropriately, consistently and in structured time. Knowledge Organisers encourage students to be independent when developing knowledge. Each half term students will receive a booklet, which comprises of knowledge organisers for all subjects in the curriculum. Moreover, this booklet is available on the school website. 

We have also created a booklet that provides guidance on how students can interact with knowledge organisers, with sections for all subject areas. Included in this booklet is information on how students can challenge themselves further with links to additional reading, documentaries, websites etc.

Students are expected to:

  • Read through their Knowledge Organisers in preparation for lessons
  • Know all knowledge for each subject during each half term block
  • Use their Knowledge Organisers on a regular basis as independent study at home
  • Prepare for all low stakes and high stakes assessments using their knowledge organiser
  • KS4 students will be given additional home learning to support the preparation of public examination
Any questions or queries relating to home learning should be directed to Miss L Archer (l.archer@cansfield.wigan.sch.uk) or direct to Heads of Faculty if subject specifc. 

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