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Academically Most Able Provision

At Cansfield High School we are committed to ensuring that all of our students needs are catered for. We aim to ensure that our Academically Most Able students are appropriately challenged, stimulated and supported in order for them to fulfill their maximum potential in all aspects of their school lives.

AMA stands for Academically Most Able. The term varies across different schools. A more familiar term perhaps may be ‘Gifted and Talented’. We have identified our AMA students as the top 5% of students from each cohort. This decision has been made based on a wide range of data from KS2 data to FFT20 targets across all subject areas. The tolerance levels will vary for each year group in order to generate the top 5%. We are aware that progress is not always linear and that some students excel later in their school careers. As a result we have also included some flexibility for staff to nominate students to be considered as AMA for specific subject areas.

The AMA program consists of a wide range of strategies that target both the cognitive and non cognitive needs of our students. We aim to provide a learning experience that will help them to achieve their full potential. While many strategies will be clear for both students and parents to see in action, some will involve whole staff training and whole school approaches. These strategies will not be immediately visible to our students, though they will lead to AMA students having an enhanced experience of teaching and learning at the school.

Each AMA student will have a student profile document, which will provide staff with important information regarding progress. This will help teachers to tailor provision individually to our AMA students to create a more personalised teaching program. We will also be creating learning experiences we will refer to as ‘Curriculum Challenges’ that will provide students with the opportunity to complete small projects linked to their chosen subject areas. This will allow them to develop deeper understanding and to study areas that they might be interested in that may not be covered in detail on GCSE specifications.

As AMA coordinator, Mr Lomas will be delivering various workshops throughout the year for both students and parents to help improve students’ mindsets and to provide parents and carers with information on how they can support their child’s progress at home. We want to ensure that students value their education and the opportunities that they have before them and so whenever possible we want to celebrate success. We are in the process of launching a new Progress Award this year that will recognise success across all subject areas. We will also be launching our first ever Excellence Exhibition where students will demonstrate some of the quality work that they have produced.

For any further information about AMA provision please contact our AMA Coordinator Mr Lomas via email (c.lomas@cansfield.wigan.sch.uk) or the school phone number (01942 727391).