Learning Resource Centre

Our Learning Resource Centre is a central hub of learning and reading for the whole school. It comprises of a well-equipped library and computer suite. It is always a hive of activity during break and lunchtimes, giving students the opportunity to enrich their learning and skills. The facility is well used by the English Faculty throughout the school day, as well by other subjects who wish to use its resources.

The Learning Resource Centre is open for students before school at 8am, at break, lunchtime and after school where homework club takes place.

Hours of opening
Monday – Thursday8am – 4pm
Friday8am – 3.30pm

Students are encouraged to volunteer as Student Librarians at the start of the year. With six active roles, this gives them a sense of responsibility and belonging. Furthermore, being a librarian encourages them to be an essential part of the school community, promoting their role as a strong citizen within the school. Our Student Librarians for 2018-19 are:

  • Abigail Robertson (Year 7)
  • Ellie Ashton (Year 7)
  • Flynn Smith (Year 7)
  • James Comins (Year 8)
  • Emma Wilkinson (Year 8)
  • Niamh O’Reilly (Year 8)

We have a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books for students to borrow and we have computers and equipment which can also be accessed. At the moment, the LRC is undertaking a restructure in the organisation of its books. When buying books we aim to purchase the latest popular fiction, as requested by our students, as well as set texts and reading books that aim to support the English curriculum. With regards to non-fiction, we have a wide variety that support research purposes for other departments. We run various clubs during lunchtime.

Lunchtime Clubs in the Learning Resource Centre
Monday – Harry Potter Reading ClubCome along at 1.30 to join Mrs Gladwin in a mission to unfold the Magic World of Harry Potter. Gryffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are all invited.
Tuesday – Movie Club Come along at 1.15pm to sit back, relax, and indulge in a movie. See your favourite book upon the big screen.
Wednesday – Relax WednesdaysCome along to the Learning Resource Centre to complete any classwork or homework. We have lots of useful resources as well as computers to help you.
Thursday Board Game ClubCome along at 1.15pm with your peers to play a board game. Whether it be Monopoly, Scrabble or Battleships, it is guaranteed to be fun.
Funky Fun FridaysCome along to the Learning Resource Centre to complete any work whilst listening to the Top 40 charts. Relax, unwind, and get ready for the weekend.

Key Information about the Learning Resource Centre

  • Learning Resource Manager – Mrs Gladwin
  • Catch up with the latest at our Learning Resource Centre on Twitter @at_lrc