Uniform and Appearance


Uniform and Appearance

We are particularly proud of our uniform and the appearance of our students. Our aim is to ensure that all students are properly dressed in the correct school uniform at all times whilst in school, on the way to and from school and whilst representing Cansfield in any extra curriculum activity. Visitors to Cansfield invariably comment on the pride that our students take in their uniform. This in turn speaks volumes about how they feel about being part of this community. We have unashamedly high expectations in this regard and we are incredibly grateful for the support that we receive from parents and carers to ensure that these high standards are upheld. On this page you will find precise details about the school uniform code, guidelines about appearance and details about the school uniform supplies. Note that we have adopted a gender-neutral uniform, ensuring that every student feels that they belong to our school, no matter who they are.


Uniform Code

Royal blue blazerWith embroidered school badge.  This should be worn at all times unless otherwise directed by the Headteacher.
White shirtTucked in and buttoned to the neck at all times.
School tieWith the Cansfield lion worn under the knot.
Black school trousersThese should be plain and a tailored fit. Fashion trousers, hipsters, skinny fit, denim, cord or trousers with extra pockets are not acceptable.
Black school skirtBlack pleated skirts. The Cansfield Lion emblem embroidered at the top of one pleat should sit just below the waistline and be visible when the blazer is not worn.
SocksThey should be black.
TightsPlain black only. Patterned tights are NOT acceptable.
ShoesShould be formal flat plain black leather shoes that can be polished and enclose the toe and heel. Trainers, or shoes of trainer like appearance, leisure shoes, pumps and canvas shoes are not acceptable even if they are black.
Black ‘V’ necked jumper (optional)With the school badge embroidered on it – cardigans are not allowed. This is optional and does not replace the blazer.
Outdoor coatsShould be of one colour, protective and big enough to go over the complete uniform including the blazer.

PE Kit

  • Blue T-Shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Trainers (NO pumps or canvas/Converse pumps)
  • Blue Zip up top
  • Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)
  • Shin pads
  • Football/rugby boots

The correct PE kit must always be brought to every other lesson. The Performance Faculty will direct students of other specific items that are necessary. Students must always bring their PE kit, any student excused from taking part physically, will still be expected to get changed and be engaged in the learning of the lesson. It should be noted sanctions are in place if a student forgets an item of kit. If a student forgets their PE kit they are expected to wear a spare kit provided by school. Any students with long hair are expected to bring a hair bobble to every lesson to tie their hair back. Please ensure all uniform, sportswear and equipment is clearly named – this is very important and helps us to return lost property to its rightful owner.


All students are expected to look smart at all times.


At Cansfield we do not permit students to have extreme haircuts or haircuts.

  • Haircuts should be nothing under a number 2 with no distinct lines or steps in hair
  • Artwork/patterns/lines or steps on scalp are not permitted
  • Lines in eyebrows are not permitted
  • Hair should be of a natural colour
  • Hair should be worn neatly and off the face at all times
  • Hair should be tied back for practical subjects
  • Hair accessories should be small and blue or black in colour



On health and safety grounds we do not allow students to wear any jewellery in school.

The exception to this is a traditional wrist watch. We ask that students remove these during PE to prevent them causing injury.

  • Students are encouraged to have their ears pierced during summer holidays to allow time for ears to heal. Those who wear jewellery will be asked to remove it.
  • Persistent offenders can expect to have items confiscated. Students cannot cover piercings with a plaster, nor use retainers.

Outdoor Clothing

  • All outdoor clothing including coats, scarves, gloves should not be worn inside the building.
  • Casual clothing items including hoodies, sweatshirts are not allowed

Students should be aware that the following are not acceptable and should not be worn:

  • Make-up
  • False nails
  • Fake tan
  • Permanent body art
  • Trainers

If students arrive incorrectly dressed, they will be challenged by their teachers. A swift resolution will always be sought, but in some cases, students will be asked to stay away from the main body of school until the issue is resolved. We ask that all parents help us achieve the highest standards of uniform by ensuring that uniform is worn as intended without any fashion alternatives. Your support is very much appreciated. If you have any queries regarding uniform or appearance please contact school for clarification before items are purchased or decision about haircuts made.