School Day


Student Parliament

At Cansfield High School we care about what our students think and take time to listen to their views. We believe that students flourish when given the opportunity to lead and to act as role models to their peers. Student Parliament gives students at Cansfield the opportunity to feedback their views and opinions on their school community. It encourages students to have their say about the things that matter to them. It is also a great way for students to develop skills that will benefit them throughout school and into the workplace.

Student Parliament at Cansfield is designed to align with the legislative process of the UK in order to educate our young people on democratic processes, creating politically literate pupils who are ready to become members active members electorate at age 18. Each form group will work as a constituency and will democratically vote for two Members of Parliament. These parliament members will chair meetings in designated form time and take their findings and the views of their electorate to Student Parliament once per half term. In the meetings, senior students along with the Student Leadership Coordinator are there to hold discussions focusing on the points raised by the pupils. Two senior students lead these discussions and feedback the information back to the Headteacher.

There are also sub-committees within Student Parliament for students to discuss their thoughts on wellbeing specifically with a member of Senior Staff. These meetings are half termly.