School Day


Student Parliament

At Cansfield High School we care about what our students think and take time to listen to their views. We believe that students flourish when given the opportunity to lead and to act as role models to their peers. Student parliament gives students at Cansfield the opportunity to feedback their views and opinions on their school community. It encourages students to have their say about the things that matter to them. It is also a great way for students to develop skills that will benefit them throughout school and into the workplace.


Student Parliament is led by our student leadership team – our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boys and Deputy Head Girls. The student parliament is divided into 6 committees.

  1. Headteacher’s Council
  2. Behaviour and safeguarding
  3. School site and environment
  4. Teaching and learning
  5. Well-being and enrichment
  6. Student achievement


Each committee has a Year 11 senior student leader, a representative from each year group and a staff link to the senior leadership team. The Year 11 senior student leader will take action points and co-chair with the senior member of staff. Each committee meets once a half term to discuss and raise ideas and concerns. The meeting weeks are scheduled to coincide with form activity weeks in case committees need to canvas thoughts / opinions and ideas.


Students write a letter of application to apply for which committee they wish to be on. Voting then takes place across each year group. The successful applicants become active participants and will contribute to the life of Cansfield as well as the wider community.