School Meals


School Meals

Innovate are delighted to partner with the students, teachers, and staff at Cansfield High School. Our aim, along with the school, is to provide all students with an exceptional catering experience. Our very talented Executive Chef and the fantastic catering team will be serving exciting menus packed with healthy ingredients, that are full of variety, and with loads of interesting new things to try.

There is a breakfast, break and lunchtime service each day. Menus are changed weekly and innovative theme days run throughout the year. Healthy eating is promoted and a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables are always on offer. Meals are prepared by our catering team each day using fresh ingredients from local suppliers and they understand the importance of providing healthy meals which are nutritious as well as enjoyable. Each day there is a selection of hot and cold meals, snacks and fruit, and a variety of ‘meal deals’ which include a meal, a drink or snack, all at an affordable price.

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Innovate Non Halal Restaurant Menu

Annual Open Evening

We are pleased to announce that our Annual Open Evening will take place on Thursday, 10th October.

If you are applying for a secondary place for your child for September 2025, we warmly invite you to join us at our Open Event.

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