PALS Peer and Learning Support


Peer And Learning Support (PALS)

PALS are Year 9 students who have applied to become a student leader. The role of the PALS focuses on transitional support for our Year 7 cohorts. The PALS are part of the transition package for Year 7 pupils from the second they start at Cansfield. They collect the students in the morning and escort the forms to and from their classes in their first week. Following this, the PALS visit their form twice per half term to deliver peer led mentoring sessions on the following areas.

  • Resilience and friendship building
  • How to revise
  • Tough decision making
  • Coping with higher workloads
  • Positive behaviour
  • Social media awareness
  • Wellbeing
  • Teamwork
  • Solving conflicts

Additionally, the PALS are part of the Year 5 taster day sessions that Cansfield offers to local primary schools. Students will attend the taster sessions and talk to the prospective students about their experiences both socially and educationally at Canfield.


PALMS are Year 10 students who have applied to be a one to one mentor for predominantly Year 8 students, but work across the school with all Key Stage 3 students as required. The PALMS spend one hour a week sitting with younger pupils, playing games and having conversations to support them to develop social skills, resilience, teamwork and independence. The PALMS are also there to report issues to teachers where they may notice a pupil who does not attend the mentoring who are struggling, and refer them to staff to be invited for the mentoring.