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Peer And Learning Support (PALS)

The PALS scheme provides students with opportunities to support and to be supported by their peers. The PALS team are mainly used to help Year 7 students settle into life in secondary school during their transition period. They provide Year 7s with a friendly face attending one form period a week and occasionally run small group tasks to support Year 7 students who are struggling with confidence or those who may need help developing their organisation skills.

At Cansfield, we believe this is a vitally important area of support offered mainly to Key Stage 3 students and is predominately carried out by PALS students in Year 9, they can become a Peer And Learning Mentor (PALM) in Year 10 if they wish to. The Year 10 PALM students may also be selected to help in the Library supporting Year 7 and 8 students with their reading skills. An extra level of guidance and support comes from the Year 11 students, our Student Advisors, who offer subject specific advice, in particular to Year 8 and Year 9 students, when preparing to choose their options.

A Cansfield student can apply to become part of the PALS team at the end of Year 8. The application process asks students hoping to become part of the team what skills and experience they have and what they believe they could bring to the PALS team. The role is a popular one and is an integral part of the pastoral team at Cansfield.