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Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

In recent years there has been something of a nationwide debate about the use of mobile phones in schools. Following a steer from government ministers, many schools have issued an outright ban on mobile phones from the school site. After lengthy consultation and a trial period in which a different approach was piloted we have agreed to take a different tact at Cansfield High School. The overwhelming feeling from our students and our parents is that students should be able to bring phones onto school site and use phones during break and lunch. This said, unrestricted use of mobile phones in the school poses a number of issues, not least safeguarding concerns and possible disruption to lessons. We have, therefore, agreed that during break and lunchtime only there will be a number of ‘Phone Zones’ in the school – these are the School Canteen during break and lunch and the Year Group Drop-In rooms / zones during lunchtime. These areas are supervised by staff. Beyond phones being out in these areas during break and lunch, if phones are seen out during lessons, before lessons, in between lessons or in any space outside of the ‘Phone Zones’, the phone will be confiscated. Confiscated phones can only be collected by a parent or carer.


We are very proud of the mature way in which our students have proposed this approach and the way in which they have risen to the trust placed in them. In the event that students feel that they might not be able to adhere to these rules we strongly advise that they do not bring a phone into school at all, as the wait for a parent or carer to come and collect could result in students who do not follow the rules being separated from their phones for some time.


Mobile Phone Rules

  • As soon as students walk through our gates in the morning the phone rules apply. Members of the Senior Leadership Team are stood on the gate every morning and will remind our students to remove headphones and put away phones.
  • Under no circumstances should phones or headphones been seen out in school between 8am to 3.15pm outside of the designated Phone Zones. For clarity, this means that if they are seen with phones or headphones out in the queue to the canteen it will be taken off them. If students feel they need to phone home they should come to Student Services and we will always facilitate communication between students and home. If students need to check the time they should consider wearing a watch or using a wall clock.
  • If phones are seen they will be taken off students and handed in at Reception. A text message will then be forwarded to parents who can arrange to collect at their earliest convenience.
  • Phones should be switched off when not in Phone Zones. If a phone makes any sound outside of a designated Phone Zone, then members also reserve the right to confiscate the phone.
  • At 3.15pm when dismissed from lessons students can use their phones, with the exception of any students who are in detention who must not use their phone until the end of their detention. If a phone is seen during a detention it will be confiscated.
  • We have worked closely with students and parents to establish the rules above and there is huge support for this amongst our community and students adhere to this rule very well. In the event a phone is taken it will only be released to a parent or carer. This is not open to exception or negotiation.