School Day


Headteacher's Council

Each year two students are elected onto the Headteacher’s Council from each Year group. As part of the application process students create a summary of the main things that they would want to do at the school and their peers vote which students they would like to represent them.

The Headteacher’s Council meets every fortnight with Dr Baker. They discuss different aspects of the school, what they feel is working well and what they feel needs to be developed. Dr Baker also uses these meetings as a sounding board for new ideas. The Headteacher’s Council control a budget of £2000 that they use to address particular issues, this year they have targeted this money at the refurbishment of select areas in the school building.

So far this academic year the Headteacher’s Council have been involved in:

  • The tender process for the caterers.
  • Changes to the school’s assessment system.
  • Prioritising areas for the school refurbishment process.
  • Changes to the school uniform.
  • Updates on the behaviour management process.

A Year 11 representative on the Headteacher’s Councils states “The Council is a great idea, it is very inclusive and effective because we work as a team to ensure the best for all of the students at the school and that student voice is always heard”. This is similar to the view of one of our Year 9 representatives, who says “It is great being part of this group because we are all working towards making the school an even better place”.