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@MrParryScience @CansfieldTrav @CansfieldSci What is very clear is that Mrs Nash is rooting for it to smash you in the face. The look of excitement in her eyes is overwhelming!!!
Do I believe in the laws of physics? Yes. Did I flinch? Absolutely 😂 Fun times with Y9 this afternoon learning about energy dissipation (I hope)! ⁦@Cansfield1⁩ ⁦@CansfieldTrav⁩ ⁦@CansfieldSci⁩
Mr Dickinson's Year 9 DrawLab, Superb Independent Learning. #drawing #artwork #painting #imagination #creativity @Cansfield1
Mr Dickinson's Year 9 DrawLab, Superb Independent Learning. #drawing #artwork #painting #imagination #creativity @Cansfield1
Mr Dickinson's Year 9 DrawLab, Superb Independent Learning. #drawing #artwork #painting #imagination #creativity @Cansfield1
Some fantastic pictures of the weekend! A great result. @Cansfield1 #performance #worldclass
Congratulations Luke!! We knew you would do well. All that hard work and practice paid off. On to the next challenge now. Well done! @cansfield1 #performance #worldclass
So proud of 7X3 today! Some fantastic performances on your Pop Quizzes!!!!! I can’t wait for you to get them back! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 @Cansfield1
Huge well done to our fabulous @Cansfield1 Year 11 students once again for their unwavering dedication during the @HumanitiesCans1 revision sessions tonight. @HeskethMiss was very keen to get in the photo! 😄 #makehistory20820
@IBurchett @MrParryScience @vengaboys All these years I have kept my beautiful voice a secret from you Ian 😂😂😂
Shout out to Amber W in 118 for achieving the highest score in our fortnightly practice paper, you are my mathematician of the week 🤩🌟👩🏼‍🎓 @Cansfield1 @CansfieldMaths #achievingexcellencetogether #motw #makehistory20820 #preparingforsuccess #yougogirl
@Cansfield1 Year 11s check this link out for great guidance on how to get started with revision and how to organise yourself in the final run up to your GCSEs
Congratulations to the following students achieving Miss Archer’s Mathematician of the Week! 11/2 Macy 11/6 Lucy 10/2 Alfie 9/7 Summa 7X3 George P @Cansfield1
Good Luck Luke!! Enjoy the occasion, it should be a great event. Let's hope all that hard work pays off. @Cansfield1 #performance #worldclass
Awesome bar modelling from🌟Holly M🌟in 106! Top scorer in our pop quiz and my mathematician of the week! @Cansfield1 @CansfieldMaths #achievingexcellencetogether #motw #barmodelqueen👸 #whenagoatcomestovisit🐐
Cansfield students- find Holocaust survivor stories here! @Cansfield1 @HumanitiesCans1
This weeks kerboodle winners Milan H, Ewan G and Joel P 🏅@CansfieldSci @Cansfield1
@Cansfield1 Y10s working independently to make salt crystals. I'm proud of you! 🌟
We have the coolest leadership team ever...I mean not many have special visits from professor goatheimer 👀😂🐐💙 @Cansfield1