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Amazing positive attitude and having a laugh at the same time is even better! Well done, it’s great to see you being active in yet another creative way, mixing this in with your running is brill. Stay safe, see you soooon! @Cansfield1 #performance
@PHOY_MissLeigh @Cansfield1 Callum Atherton would like you too meet his new baby ferrets Jerry and Silver-moon
☀️SUMMER HOLS☀️ What do English teachers do in the summer holidays? Go to visit the English faculty at Oxford University, discover what life was like in a Victorian prison and visit Shakespeare’s birthplace, of course! All with a maths teacher in tow! @CansfieldMaths @Cansfield1
☀️🌈Summer Adventures🌈☀️ Little trip to Oxford! Looking at the future university buildings for some of our gifted mathematicians @Cansfield1 #raisingaspirations #anythingispossible
🌟Hello Y6!🌟Miss Leigh has been busy baking some of her favourite German biscuits #Zimtsterne #Ampelmann Please send me your tweets and photos of your summer memories so far! 🌻🌈 @Cansfield1 #awesomeclassof2025
Really PROUD of your achievement @MelPilkington08 home schooling has been tough .. so glad you persevered and did it the best you could xx lovely surprise from @Cansfield1 Thankyou x @rawlinson_julia
For my mums birthday I decided to make something handmade. It took me a while but I think it looks pretty good! @Cansfield1 @at_cansfield
🌈☀️Pyjama Friday☀️🌈 A massive THANK YOU to all the students we’ve have the pleasure of serving over last few months.We have become a lockdown school family and we will miss you all over summer! Have an amazing summer holiday & see you soon 🥳
🇫🇷🇪🇸🇩🇪 Congratulations to our Linguists of the week🎉 🤗 Well done to Holly, who had an incredibly high score, Katie, Isabella, Paige, Rebecca, Amy, Keira and Josh 🇪🇸🇩🇪🇫🇷🏆 @Cansfield1 @mflcansfield @MFL_sleigh #memrise #mflrocks
@Cansfield1 would just like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Allsop for bringing Toria a birthday card, she says sorry she missed you
Fantastic action shot Olivia!! Some nerves of steel there on Cross Country style jumps. Well done! @Cansfield1 #performance #worldclass
@Cansfield1 a big thank you to am the staff(especially Mrs Rothwell and Miss Leigh).With a son in y11, daughter in y9, a daughter start y7 in Sept Cansfield has lead the way. Enjoy your break
@mrsmac2013 She has been amazing!!!
@Cansfield1 Thank you to all the teachers @Cansfield1 for working through the Covid crisis. It has really helped in allowing me to continue to work and Taylar has enjoyed every day that she has been in. Thank you again. Hope you all enjoy the summer break, it is very much deserved xx
@Cansfield1 Mr Dickinson looks exactly the same as when I left in 2004! Hasn't aged at all!
@SuzyHug19884609 @cansfield He has been amazing throughout. We look forward to seeing him in September!!
@cansfield1 Thank you so much to all the staff @cansfield. You have all gone the extra mile and then some. Liam has been one of those kids in it for the long haul from the beginning of lockdown and through the school holidays. However everyday he has gone to school with a smile on his face.
@tina_lawrenson @Cansfield1 It was one of the highlights of my week speaking to Matthew - he works so hard, he’s a real credit to you - you must be so proud of him ☺️ looking forward to welcoming him back again in September!
@Cansfield1 Well done everyone @Cansfield1 over the last 16+ weeks ! #greatschool