Welcome to Science

The Science Faculty at Cansfield aims to inspire independent thought and curiosity in order to develop a knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. We strive to provide the foundations for achievement and success by enthusing and encouraging our students and delivering a curriculum with rigour and challenge. We foster an enjoyment of Science and support our students in becoming independent and resilient life-long learners.

We deliver our Science lessons in eight specialist laboratories and provide regular opportunities for students to carry out practical work to support learning and engage our students. We look forward to working with our students each day and to help them recognise that a good work ethic can unlock their potential and allow them to be the best they can be.


Curriculum Statement

In Science we have a well-sequenced curriculum that takes into account progression of knowledge and skills. We use practical investigations to support learning and to equip students with the practical skills needed for the GCSE required practical tasks. Our curriculum re-visits prior learning by the use of Retrieval questions at the start of every lesson and in the low-stakes ‘Stop the Clock’ quizzes that are conducted every three weeks. We conduct rigorous termly assessments which test our pupils on knowledge recall and application using past exam questions.


Our Team