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Welcome to Performance

Our faculty is energetic, enthusiastic, creative and has a keen drive for success. Our aim is to provide a high-quality student-centred Physical Education and Performing Arts curriculum that promotes excellence, creates opportunities, and celebrates the practical elements of Sport, Music and Performing Arts. Through dynamic and stimulating lessons we establish the value of a healthy, active lifestyle that is intertwined with indispensable cultural elements from society today.

In each area of our faculty, students adapt and refine key practical talents and essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, creativity, and problem solving. They are encouraged to explore the world around them, question key concepts and become independent learners within a safe and supportive learning environment. Cansfield students also play an active role in connecting and developing the wellbeing of our local community and beyond through performing arts shows, sports events, musical lessons, and sports coaching.


Curriculum Statement


Our PE curriculum is a concept-based curriculum using sport as the vehicle for developing important life skills such as resilience, communication, leadership, and honesty. We have a purposefully sequenced and ambitious curriculum that inspires curiosity and engages our students in critical thinking as well as challenging them physically.


Our Music Curriculum has been sequentially developed to encompass all of the valuable and key aspects within the National Curriculum and beyond. It is planned to inspire pupils to develop a love of Music. The sequence of our planning is established upon lessons that increase in complexity and provide students with a wider experience of the skills, each building upon student’s prior knowledge/experience, individual needs, and interests.


Our Team


Our Curriculum

Curriculum maps for Key Stage 3 Core Music and PE and Key Stage 4 Core PE, BTEC Level 2 Tech Award Sport (Pearson) BTEC Level 2 Tech Award Music (Pearson) and Level 2 Technical Award Performing Arts (AQA) can be found below:

Key Stage 3 Music Curriculum Roadmap 2022-23

KS3 Core PE Road Map 23-24

Key Stage 4 PE Curriculum Roadmap 2022-23

BTEC Level 2 Tech Award Music Curriculum Roadmap 2022-24

Music KS4 Roadmap

BTEC Level 2 Tech Award Sport Curriculum Roadmap 2022-23