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Our Faculty is energetic, enthusiastic, creative and has a keen drive for success. Our aim is to provide a high quality student centred Physical Education and Performing Arts curriculum that promotes excellence, creates opportunities and celebrates the practical elements of Sport, Dance, Music and Drama. Through dynamic and stimulating lessons we establish the value of a healthy, active lifestyle that is intertwined with indispensable cultural elements from society today. The courses that we offer at Key Stage 4 directly build on experiences in Key Stage 3, utilising our new facilities to the upmost and open up the opportunity for our students to compete for results above and beyond their targeted grades within Physical Education and Performing Arts.

In each area of our Faculty, students adapt and refine key practical talents and essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, creativity and problem solving. They are encouraged to explore the world around them, question key concepts and become independent learners within a safe and supportive learning environment. Cansfield students also play an active role in connecting and developing the wellbeing of our local community and beyond through performing arts shows, sports events, musical lessons and sports coaching.

To develop a true understanding of culture and extend learning beyond the classroom we provide a range of opportunities through sport and the arts within the UK and abroad. Over recent years we have taken students to Valencia to experience the life of a professional footballer within a city rich in football history, students have taken part in the ski trip to the Italian alps to use the same slopes used in the Torino Winter Olympics, we have visited the Velodrome in Manchester and raced on the track where Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins built their golden legacies, we have watched Liverpool Ladies Football Team, visited Twickenham to watch England v Wales and also used our trampolining skills at Jump Nation. In Performing Arts students have visited local theatres, watched live performances in the West End, held theatrical performances and experienced a range of performing arts workshops. As we move forward the department is already planning visits to the West End to watch other live musicals such as Shrek and Wicked alongside a range of wider workshops focused on make-up, lighting and other performing arts roles.

As we move forward we aspire to build upon these opportunities and with students at the heart of our planning and take learning in Performance at Cansfield out into the world whilst bringing some of the world’s best into our classrooms. We currently have Wigan Warriors, England Rugby Union, Wigan Athletic, Britain’s Got Talent contestants and former students who have been successful in the arts all contributing to the development of a curriculum that shapes well cultured individuals and inspires the next generation of world class performers.


Curriculum Statement


Dance, Drama and Music: Key Stage 3 Performing Arts (Dance, Drama and Music) has been sequentially developed in order to encompass all of the valuable and key aspects within the National Curriculum and beyond. It is planned to inspire pupils to develop a love of Performing Arts and their talent as composers, musicians, actors, dancers and performance company members. The sequence of our planning is established upon lessons that increase in complexity and provide students with a wider experience of the skills, each building upon students prior knowledge/experience, individual needs and interests.  As the National Curriculum clearly outlines the need for practical engagement our Performing Arts lessons largely focus upon physical engagement for sustained periods of time through performing, listening, using technology, playing instruments and singing. This allows our students to develop a love of learning alongside increased self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement.


PE: Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Core Physical Education has been sequentially developed in order to encompass all of the valuable and key aspects within the National Curriculum with a focus on developing disciplinary knowledge that prepares students for the ever changing world of sport and physical activity. The sequence of our planning is established upon lessons that increase in complexity as learning builds upon students prior knowledge and individual needs whilst the activities and sports that we deliver are based upon seasonal requirements and opportunities to get involved outside of school and in later life. Alongside this, competition, performance and a focus on large parts of sustained activity within all lessons are key underpinning features. This allows our students to develop interest, fitness and confidence whilst embedding tactics and strategies to overcome opponents through team and individual games such as badminton and football, developing technique in other sports such as trampolining gymnastics, dance and athletics or solving intellectual and physical challenges whilst working as a team in outdoor and adventurous activities.


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