Operations Team


Operations Team


Welcome to Operations

The Operations Team are an intrinsic part of Cansfield High School, providing a range of services in areas such as, HR, personnel (including cover during staff absence) and financial management, alongside administrative, estate and IT management.

The principles that underpin the activities of the operations team are to provide quality services necessary for the school to grow and flourish. The team have a passion to succeed and a high degree of integrity. We show respect at all times for colleagues, students, parents and visitors and consistently work in an honest and fair way. We constantly strive for excellence and seek out ways in which we can develop further by continuing to develop our skills and knowledge, enabling us to perform at the highest standard at all times.  We guide and support each other, inspire productivity, focus on end success and facilitate solutions. We have a high degree of attention to detail and aim, at all times, to deliver a smooth, efficient and effective service to school.

Despite the diverse range of roles and responsibilities, our team is absolutely unified by the desire to ensure that the students at Cansfield High School have the best experience possible while with us. Our students and our colleagues know that they matter to us and we take huge pride from the work we do with them.