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Welcome to Mathematics

Our aim in the Mathematics Faculty at Cansfield High School is to cultivate a stimulating and challenging learning environment where all students can thrive and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application. We endeavour to provide students with a foundation for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and technical problem solving, through an innovative, well-balanced and dynamic curriculum. Students are encouraged to persevere and be resilient learners as they actively engage and become successful, independent mathematicians. We aim to foster an environment where students feel safe to take risks and to learn from mistakes.

Mathematics is all around us in everyday life. It is vital our students have a fundamental understanding of mathematics in order to thrive in their lives after school. As a Faculty, we believe that it is essential that we nurture these skills not only inside the classroom but also outside. As a result, we offer a wide range of enrichment activities. Students are provided the opportunities to explore mathematics within: engineering workshops, college and university visits, London financial district trips and escape rooms.


Curriculum Statement

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is carefully sequenced to build on prior knowledge from Key Stage 2, starting with the fundamental concepts which underpin mathematics. From this, the curriculum is sequentially sequenced to build on each prior concept. Within the curriculum design we have ensured that students are continually exposed to developing fluency, reasoning mathematically and problem solving. Throughout our Key Stage 3 curriculum we intertwine these disciplinary skills into every unit of work to ensure students continually receive a rich variation of higher order thinking and challenging questions. Each year the demand on our students increases, as it is the curriculum which is the progression model. Consequently, we draw on increasing prior knowledge to link different topics ensuring all our students are exploring these in greater depth. Our curriculum is designed in order to meet the expectations of the national curriculum.

We also value the importance of whole school numeracy. Our Whole School Numeracy Lead has created a community of inspirational and motivated student Numeracy Ambassadors who are committed to sharing their passion for numeracy with their peers. These trained and skilled ambassadors are deliver vital numeracy skills during form time each week. As a result, all students are given frequent opportunities to access, consolidate and extend their numeracy skills in a supportive, encouraging environment.


Our Team

Our Curriculum

Curriculum maps for Key Stage 3 and GCSE Maths can be found below. For GCSE we complete the Edexcel specification.

Key Stage 3 Maths Curriculum Roadmap 2023-24

GCSE Maths Curriculum Roadmap 2023-24