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Welcome to Languages

We believe in languages, that they are the blood of the soul. At Cansfield, we do not just teach languages, but rather, in our classrooms and in our corridors, languages and cultures live and breathe.

We believe in the joy of languages. That they open your eyes, your horizons and your world. That they build your confidence, open myriad doors for the future and give you the opportunity to be someone else. We want our students to have the opportunity to live, love and explore other lands.

We believe in experiencing other cultures first hand and we aim to give every student the opportunity to travel to Germany or France, where they not only put their language skills to use, but also revel in the rich diversity and wonder of being abroad.

We unashamedly believe in multiculturalism and we aim to conquer parochialism, narrow mindedness and xenophobia.

We believe that our consistently outstanding results are inextricably linked to the enthusiasm and expertise of the exceptional students here at Cansfield and our unfailingly absorbing lessons which always aim to engage and enthral.

We believe that the limit of your language is the limit of your world. At Cansfield we endeavour to give you the world entire.


Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced to guarantee that all students have a broad, relevant, challenging and exciting experience in languages. We have ensured that the choice of topics provides deep and logical progression over Key Stage 3 and, as well as exceeding national curriculum requirements, we prepare students for travelling to the target language country and using the language themselves.


Our Team

Our Curriculum

Curriculum maps for Key Stage 3 and GCSE French and German can be found below. For both GCSEs we complete the Eduqas specification.

French Road Map Key Stage Three 2024

French Road Map Key Stage Four 2023-24

GCSE German Curriculum Roadmap 2022-23

Annual Open Evening

We are pleased to announce that our Annual Open Evening will take place on Thursday, 10th October.

If you are applying for a secondary place for your child for September 2025, we warmly invite you to join us at our Open Event.

Open Evening Image