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Enrichment Faculty


Welcome to Enrichment

At Cansfield High School we believe in a whole child approach to learning. We place huge importance on developing character, nurturing individual talents, inspiring creativity and generating confidence and resilience in order to have the highest aspirations. Moreover, we recognise our responsibility to support the health and happiness of our students and not just academic results, and work on the basis that every child should be happy, healthy, engaged, supported and challenged to grow in our educational environment.

Through participating in extracurricular activities (be it sports, the performing arts, the Duke of Edinburgh Award or another area of interest) character is built, creativity is sparked and talents are fostered. Our extracurricular activities programme helps increase social awareness, group responsibility and empathy amongst peers, a setting where students are achieving excellence together.

All students are encouraged to participate in our leadership programmes, involving the School Parliament, subject ambassadors, PALs, PALMs and prefects. It is our belief that leadership should be inclusive, representative, useful and aspirational.

We place high importance in the whole school rewards of the ‘Pride of Cansfield’ and the Blue and Black Ties. To achieve the award, we expect students to have excellent attendance, punctuality, pride in the wearing their uniform and be well organised for lessons. Additionally, we expect good behaviour to enable all learners to flourish in their lessons and feel safe around school.

A crucial component of the Enrichment Faculty is preparing students for the world of work. Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) develops aspiration to be successful employees of the future. We nurture students’ curiosity, unlock their dreams, and give them the confidence and ambition to succeed.


Curriculum Statement

We are proud that the Enrichment curriculum at Cansfield High School extends beyond the academic, technical and vocational. Our students are supported to develop in many diverse aspects of life in the classroom and through numerous out of class experiences within our extracurricular provision, which includes trips, clubs and additional learning opportunities. Two aspects stand out for particular mention:

  • Student leadership: Student leadership opportunities are available to all, ranging from subject ambassadors, mentoring roles to the senior prefect teams. These roles empower students to be involved in decisions and drive improvement throughout school.
  • Careers: Students have 1 to 1 access to our Careers Adviser, who leads them to consider their individual skills and qualities and how these can lead to different pathways from university to apprenticeships. We hold events to ensure our students have opportunities to encounter an unbiased range of education and training providers and provide good quality, meaningful opportunities for pupils to encounter the world of work. Careers is an integral part of the whole curriculum in school, and as a whole staff we link curriculum learning to careers.


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