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Our Faculty aims to develop independent, resilient, creative thinkers and learners through the key skills of reading, writing and spoken language. Our curriculum is challenging, creative and innovative to cultivate a well-rounded English student with skills and knowledge that can be used in all of their subjects, across all disciplines and in all exams.

English at Cansfield advance our students’ core skills and knowledge in reading, writing and spoken language to ensure that they are able to communicate effectively in all situations, with an understanding and appreciation of the wider world, culture and their role within it, through the study of literature and language. To broaden the understanding and appreciation that our students have of culture and diversity we study a range of interesting literature texts across the five years. We believe that the study of literature and language within cultural and historical contexts challenges students to articulate and defend ideas, to appreciate ideas different from their own, and to respect diversity and how ideas and concepts have changed and transformed over time. This develops and prepares students to be lifelong learners, ensuring that they have a voice and a role within their community and society beyond secondary school.

Beyond the classroom, we nurture a love of creativity in our students through an understanding and appreciation of literature and language to allow them to flourish in future careers and in the community once they leave Cansfield. In addition to our curriculum we offer a wealth of opportunities and experiences to further enhance their appreciation and love of English: theatre visits, author workshops, visits from poets, and links with the local primary schools are just some of the activities that our Faculty participates in.


Curriculum Statement

In English we have a purposefully sequenced, knowledge-rich and ambitious curriculum that inspires curiosity and engages our young people in critical thinking. Our curriculum empowers our students by developing their social and cultural capital and enabling them to participate fully in academic conversation. Our English learners are thinkers – reflecting upon their society and our world and their place within it.


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Our Curriculum

Curriculum maps for Key Stage 3 and GCSE English Language / Literature can be found below. For both GCSEs we complete the AQA specification.

Y7 English Roadmap

Y8 English Roadmap

Y9 English Roadmap

GCSE English Roadmap

GCSE Key Stage Three Roadmap 2023-24

GCSE English Curriculum Roadmap 2023-24