Pastoral Team


Pastoral Team


Welcome to the Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team aims is to ensure that the climate for learning at Cansfield High School is a positive one, where all children feel safe, encouraged, and supported to do their best. We strive to encourage all students to be responsible, moral, and well-rounded citizens who are ready to face the outside world and are equipped with all they need to be successful when they leave us. We seek to build positive relationships with every student and their families, and we are committed to support each student every day. We welcome students into school on the school gate and celebrate their successes as they leave school. The welcome into school each day allows our team to check on our student’s welfare, to support them with any concerns and to prepare them for a positive day of learning. Throughout the day we support our students with any issues that may arise and focus our efforts in visiting lessons to celebrate success, as well as building strong relationships with them. The Pastoral Team’s approach is a child centred one and we are passionate in our belief that all our students can achieve and be successful.

We aim to build strong relationships with parents and outside agencies to create a supportive culture for our students. Some families and students may need additional support and we work with individuals to ensure a tailored approach to remove barriers to learning, including mental health and well-being support, Designated Mental Health Leads, Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA), and an onsite counsellor who works with students if they are being affected by issues including anxiety, bereavement, and depression. Once a week all students take part in the Cansfield Wellbeing Walking Mile, to encourage students to think about their own mental health, at the same time as discussing issues with staff and fellow students. The Pastoral Team works closely with other agencies in Wigan to support our students during their time at Cansfield.

Our Pastoral Team includes five non-teaching Heads of Year and a number of pastoral workers who are responsible for the safety, wellbeing and nurture of their year group. The Pastoral Team are highly trained in safeguarding and are alert to the needs of all our students. The school has an Attendance Officer and an Attendance Administrator who work closely with pupils, parents, and outside agencies to maintain high standards of attendance.


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