Coronavirus: School Closure Planning


Coronavirus: School Closure Planning

Dear parents, carers and students,

The last week has seen the Government take a series of unprecedented steps to try to keep our country safe and prevent the further spread of Coronavirus. At the point of writing, the Government has closed schools for all students, with the exception of children of Key Workers and those students deemed to be particularly vulnerable. This means that the bulk of our students will be completing our school curriculum from home and in these pages you will find the resources and support you need to facilitate this.

A member of our Senior Leadership Team has been allocated to each year group. The allocated Senior Leader will have an overarching view of the progress of students in each year and will be able to respond to any general concerns or issues that you may have. Each subject area has produced resources specific to the needs to the students at that particular level. You will be able to contact both the allocated Senior Leader and individual subject specialists for advice and support as you work through the resources – their email addresses are on the respective pages. Every student has also been allocated a Remote Mentor who will ring twice a week to touch base with them and can also process any concerns or issues you might have.

To access the material you should be working through during this period, please click the tab below for your respective Year group. You will then find a message from the allocated member of the Senior Leadership Team and a suggested timetable you might follow through each week. On the left of the message you will find a menu for each Faculty in the school – if you click through these you will find a message from the Head of Faculty, contact details for all staff in that Faculty and resources that students can work through. You will also find below a tab called ‘Wellbeing’ – this is for all students to access and contains resources to help promote mental wellbeing and to provide broader learning opportunities that can be covered during this period.

We are absolutely committed to keeping the school open for Key Workers and those students deemed to be vulnerable throughout. Students who come in during this period will work through the same material as those not coming into school, but following the standard school hours, with teacher support and access to the school’s IT facilities.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to email me at:

For our students who are reading this, please remember that you will always belong to our community, we still adore you and, sad to say, we are missing you already.

Best wishes,

Geoff Baker, Headteacher.