About Us

On behalf of the governors and staff, may I warmly welcome you to Cansfield. Despite all the changes that have occurred in recent years our school has never lost sight of the fact that we exist for our students.

They are central to everything we do, at the core of anything that happens in this school. The students matter enormously to me, to the teachers, the non-teachers and we are a family who look after each other.

We want all of our students to have the ambition to achieve whatever they want. We will do everything we can to nurture the aspiration, work-ethic and determination to realise all of this. Student attainment is impressive and we enjoy an excellent reputation for curriculum excellence, innovation and teaching standards.

The teachers in this school care; they are very skilled, very professional and they will never give up on anyone. That translates to the students – they too will never give up, because they are not allowed to. During their time with us, students move from being children to young adults. We want them to be happy, to enjoy, to come to school with a smile on their faces and to be with friends.

Being happy, feeling secure, being cared for and cared about matters to being successful. We constantly strive to provide an education that enables every student to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the 21st century. We want our students to be multi-skilled, adaptable, positive, enthusiastic and able to demonstrate confidence and belief in their abilities. Equally we want students to develop compassion, care, tolerance and respect for themselves and towards others.

We are proud of our achievements so far, while our future ambitions for students remain fierce and undiminished. We believe that the next few years will be quite spectacular. Please take the time to read more about what makes Cansfield special. If you have any further questions, please contact us for further information or a personal guided tour. I look forward to meeting you.

M. Southworth Headteacher