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@CansfieldMaths @Cansfield1 I had some students ask about getting into the games industry last year, and why on Earth you needed maths... I drew them this; a bit of Pythagoras helps your Fortnight / Battlefront artificial intelligence thrive...
@Cansfield1 I hope all my GCSE Citizenship students are watching history being made. This is the excitement of politics in action!
Outstanding work over the past two weeks on Pythagoras’ Theorem in 10/6! We’ve proved the theorem and now can applied it. You’ve made amazing progress! Well done so proud @Cansfield1 #toughteaching #toughlearning
A massive shout out to Sheree T in 10/5! Moved up sets and absolutely smashing Pythagoras’ Theorem and Trigonometry! Absolutely blown away by the progress you’ve made! #amazing #toughteaching #toughlearning @Cansfield1
🧁Today was immediately a happy Monday when Ben gave me one of his delicious cupcakes! Well done Ben- and thank you @AtCadt for teaching him this skill so well! 🧁 #legend #mymondayhero @Cansfield1
Calling all year 7, 8 & 9s to come along to our Magical New lunch club on Monday...🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♂️💫🔮📖. #harrypotterreadingclub #readingismagic @Cansfield1 @CansfieldEng
@Cansfield1 @AtCadt @HeskethMiss Ben inspired to bake after his cookery lesson last week #independence
Our Y8 Boys really getting stuck into table tennis today! Future B-Tec stars in the making for sure. Well done, rules and regulations next week. @Cansfield1 #performance #winnersup
Good luck to our Y11 iMedia students sitting their exam this morning. As usual seating plans and seat numbers are displayed outside the Theatre so check where you are sitting. You’re going to be fab - go smash it 👌🏻🌟💪🏻 @Cansfield1 @AtCadt
They smashed it!! What a group of students, everyone gave it 100%. Yet another area of Performance on the verge of achieving excellence. Well Done Y11 B-Tec Music @Cansfield1 #performance #worldclass
Brilliant work today with Year 7 adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Loving the round robin and pairs compare from @KaganUK @Cansfield1 #toughteaching #toughlearning
Brilliant work today with Year 7 adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Loving the round robin and pairs compare from @KaganUK @Cansfield1 #toughteaching #toughlearning
Good turn out tonight at Maths revision. Well done to all these students who attended #revision #touchlearning @Cansfield1
absolutely amazed by the attitude and behaviour of our Y11 Music group during their exam today! So proud of you all. One of the best exams I’ve ever seen. Feeling super proud and happy this evening. Well done each and every one of you. You are true superstars 🌟 @Cansfield1
Amazing day today @Cansfield1 making final decision on our new caterers. Thanks to the 14 students involved in the interviews who ate a lot of food for us. Thanks also to R M & C Consultants who organised tender process. Very excited about introducing our new caterers soon!
Great start to the Y7 netball journey @lsvstadium The girls smashed it - well done!! Can’t wait for practice on Monday night v’s Y8 (beware Y8!!!) @Cansfield1 @cansfieldperfo1
Thanks to my Y9s today for getting lots of WORK DONE 😂👍 #physicsisfun @Cansfield1
Look how much WORK is being DONE by Y9 superstars today. Or as they will tell you ‘W=fs’ #physicsisfun @Cansfield1
Outstanding work from Charlie in Mrs Rawlinson's Art class today. #inkcredulousart #inkdrawings #beautifulfish #creativeillustration @Cansfield1
Cansfield’s new transport 🚌 loving the cansfield blue! 💙 #drivinginstyle