Information for Parents1

What is PASS?

PASS  is a powerful diagnostic tool that will  measure student attitudes to many areas of school life and  their own learning. It also enables staff and pupils to make informed decisions about future learning.

Why use PASS?

Student view, challenge staff assumptions & identify improvement needs at the earliest possible stage.

Also it can be used to inform teaching and learning strategies, support emotionally vulnerable students which has always been a key strength in our school (Ofsted 2016).

  • In total, 881 Cansfield students took part in the Survey

  • There was a total of 50 questions based on 9 factors with 4 categories

Level 1 Results ‘at a glance’

881 students completed the report which is approx. 90% completion

Whole school picture/feedback ALL green in every factor which is clearly good.  As a whole group, students responses are positive in every area when you compare this to other schools. The main strengths identified are;

  • Preparedness for learning

  • Attitudes to Staff

  • Work ethic

  • Feelings about school

  • Perceived learning capability

Example headline table / example for parents

Our headline results

Reflection of the Survey

  • PASS 2017 results suggest students are positive in all 9 key areas when compared to national figures.

  • As a school we are now ensuring that we utilise the results of the survey to inform any support offered to students from our pastoral teams and also use PASS feedback to help address barriers to learning. This process will be on-going during Term 2 and then into Term 3 in order to make the best possible use of the PASS Results. The third survey will be carried out in October 2017.

  • Any questions please do direct them to Mr Taylor, (Assistant Headteacher).