Our Staff

Senior Staff
Dr Geoff Baker Headteacher
Mrs J Jones Deputy Headteacher
Mrs V Beaney Deputy Headteacher
Mr C Beaney Assistant Headteacher
Mr P Taylor Assistant Headteacher
Mrs D Sutch Business Manager
Lead Practitioners
Mrs M Ainscough Progress & Standards Manager: Year 11
Mrs N Daniels English
Miss G Miller Literacy & Learning
Mr D Robinson Science
Mrs L Rothwell Progress & Standards Manager: Years 7 & 8
Mrs L Shoreman Mathematics
Mr P Swain Progress & Standards Manager: Years 9 & 10
Pastoral Managers
Mr A Travis Year 7
Miss L Oldham Year 8
Mrs M Davies Year 9
Mrs J Briscoe Year 10
Mrs J Lindsay Year 11
Mr J Dawber Inclusion
Mrs Y Hodkinson Student Support
English Faculty
Mrs N Daniels Director of Studies
Mr I Duncan
Miss S Stedman
Miss K Tierney
Mrs R Howard-Sinclair
Miss M Carrigan
Miss C Robinson
Mr J Rogers
Miss E Tonge
Mr D Wilkes
Mathematics Faculty
Miss L Archer Joint Acting Head of Faculty
Mr M Richardson Joint Acting Head of Faculty
Mrs L Shoreman  Director of Studies
Mrs E Joyce MMa
Miss G Bancroft
Mrs J Ward
Mrs R Kerai
Mr M Tennant
Mrs L Wright
Mr G Tarbuck
Science Faculty
Mr D Robinson Head of Faculty
Mr M Chatterley
Mrs J Welch
Mr M Sumpter
Mrs L Rothwell
Ms R Travis
Mrs L Nash
Mrs L Allsop
Mr G Williams
Languages Faculty
Mr E Siddall Head of Faculty
Mrs S Braithwaite
Mrs R Ashton
Mrs J Vickers
Mrs L Siddall
Mr D Forshaw Subject Head
Mr C McMahon
Miss A Morris
Mr P Taylor
Mr P Swain
Mr C Lomas Subject Head
Mr R Ooi
Mrs C Smith
Mrs L Foster-Bond Subject Head
Mr G Purse Subject Head
Art & Photography
Mr P Dickinson Subject Head
Mrs  S Winter
Mrs J Rawlinson
Mr C Turner
Technology Faculty
Miss C Smith Faculty Head
Ms W Tattersall
Mr A Flynn
Miss L Millar
Information Technology
Miss K Fairhurst
Mrs A Shafiq
Careers Education
Mr I Darbyshire Subject Head
Citizenship RE and PSHE
Mrs H Cashman Subject Head
Physical Education
Miss H Rae Curriculum Leader
Mrs L Murphy
Miss S Darbyshire
Mr J Mayor Curriculum Leader
Mr C Mugan Curriculum Leader
Learning Support
Miss M Carrigan SENCO
Mrs W Conboy
Mrs A Cowley
Mrs T Fitzpatrick
Mrs K Hesketh
Miss L Traynor
Learning Mentors
Mrs P Bilsbury
Miss K Johnson
Miss E Porteous
Mrs S Williams
MFL Assistant
Mrs P Charnock
Cover Supervisors
Ms E Mc Hugh
Mr P Dale
Financial Administration
Mrs D Barton
Mrs A Dobinson
School Administration
Mrs D Beeston Cover Manager
Mrs A Giannoni Attendance Officer
Mrs T Knowles
Miss L Southworth
Mrs S Ellison
Mrs J Dawber Safeguarding & CP Admin Officer
Mrs K Rigby Attendance Officer
Curriculum Support
Mrs P Hesketh
Mrs J Rafferty
Mrs C Morley
Mrs N Manning
Data Management
Mrs C May SIMS System Manager
Ms L Kay Data & Exams Manager
Mrs K Smith Data & Exams Assistant
Website Management
Mrs C May
Clerk to the Governors
Mrs K Smith
IT Support
Mr P Dwyer
Mr M Harrington
Laboratory Technican
Mrs R Turner
Learning Resource Centre
Mrs A Gladwin LRC Manager
Medical Room Manager
Mrs S Pilling
Mr S Carletti
Mr M Davies
Mr E Fishwick