Cansfield Parliament

Recently, we rebranded student voice to student parliament. This is run by Mrs Rothwell and ourselves: Tara Pancholi, head girl and Thomas Melling, head boy. It consists of eight committees, which gives us more precise opinions and control over of certain aspects of Cansfield. The committees are: Teaching & Learning, Behaviour, School Environment, Rewards, Extra Participation, Charity, Safeguarding, Career Pathways including Enterprise. Each committee is made up of a senior student leader, representatives from each year group and a senior member of staff.

The Teaching & Learning committee address situations such as teaching styles and how to maximise productive learning across school. Behaviour focuses on the system in place, deciding whether it works efficiently and effectively. In School Environment, the committee reflects on how to improve conditions in school and how to improve our efforts to save the environment. The Reward committee delivers the best-behaved students the finest rewards possible and encourages more challenging students to succeed. Extra participation focuses on students exceeding in Cansfield and involving themselves the most outside of school hours. Furthermore, the Charity committee sets a certain charity for each year group and holds fundraising events to raise money and awareness for the chosen causes. Safeguarding deals with any issues in Cansfield’s community and cares for the students’ wellbeing. The Career Pathways panel considers what kind of plans students have for their future and any possibilities of support for their future aspirations.

The Student Parliament benefits students in a multitude of ways from not only giving them with opportunities of contributing to decisions that help Cansfield and involving them but providing them with life skills such as public speaking, working as a team and being able to take charge of a situation with confidence. The importance of our new Student Parliament is so significant as it grants students with a voice and opportunities whilst improving Cansfield.

by Tara Pancholi & Thomas Melling