Cansfield extra participation experiences


Cansfield extra participation experiences

Wigan and Leigh College trip – 16th March 2018

My day at Wigan and Leigh was a day which was extremely enjoyable and motivating, when I was given the opportunity to attend I was very excited. When we arrived we was assorted to a building where an ex Apprentice Candidate ‘Adam Corbally’ was there and he presented Canfield with a speech talking all about his life and how he has achieved his dreams. The task we were given to complete was to create a business or product which started at a market stall and then would have the potential to expand shops in various cities and a website. All the teams from canfield worked so hard and produced some amazing designs and ideas. The teams were mixed with y9 and 10’s which really brought different aspects of the students out which reflected in our ideas as they were all so different and unique. The day as a whole was exceptional and I felt very lucky to have been chosen to take part in such a brilliant day.

by Macey Brooks 10A

On Friday 16th March a group of Year 9 & 10 Cansfield students were invited to participate in an Enterprise Day at Wigan and Leigh College, organised by Greater Manchester Higher.  It was led by a former participant on the popular TV show ‘The Apprentice’, named Adam Corbally.  We were split into groups and set with the task of designing our own business and developing it.  This included; constructing our own logo, brand name and slogan; coming up with ideas on how to promote our new brand, for example, radio adverts, posters, billboards etc  – all of which we had to produce ourselves, managing our finance and profit’ composing a PowerPoint Presentation to present to a panel of judges as well as the rest of the students.

We decided that our business should be named ‘Gratuito’, not only because of the catchy name, but also due to it being a translation from Italian of the word ‘free’.  This was done because as our business continues to develop, we hope to widen our market by also providing for consumers who suffer from other intolerances such as dairy free, nut free etc.  Therefore, in the near future, we wouldn’t only aim our target market at those with gluten intolerance.

We designed a logo and a slogan—’a tasty treat without the wheat’.  In addition, we created leaflets to be handed out amongst the community, billboards and a radio advert.

As we thought it would be beneficial to understand the public’s perception on the provision of gluten free goods, we carried out some market research and asked many people multiple questions in order to see what was demanded by the community.  This helped us to improve our products further.

We planned on sending free samples to celebrities with a gluten allergy  –  these celebrities included: Ryan Gosling and Novak Djokovic, in the hope of promoting our brand globally.  Furthermore,  our celebrity ambassador was Holly

Willoughby, due to her background of being very family orientated.  Moreover, we registered with Celiac UK in order to get our business onto a database.

After a productive few hours of developing our new business we were invited to pitch our developments and ideas to a  panel  of judges as well as other newly formed businesses.  We used a PowerPoint Presentation to present the key points in order to give a more visual understanding of ’Gratuito’.  Meanwhile, each of us explained the different aspects that made our business distinctive.  When we came to finish our presentation, the judges all responded with very positive feedback.  One judge even stated that our business could actually go into production and do very well amongst the market.!  The judges then had to make the hard decision of which team deserved to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Everyone was outstanding.  However, after a tense wait it was revealed that our team (Gratuito) had in fact won the Enterprise Challenge!  This meant that we received the 1st place Trophy.

It was a fantastic day and it was very well organised for us.  All the students enjoyed it thoroughly.

Mia Montrose-Reilly (10F)


Cansfield Trip to Manchester Metropolitan University  –  23rd March 2018

On Friday 23rd March a group of Year 9 & 10 Cansfield students were invited to participate in a Media Day at Manchester Metropolitan University.  I was lucky enough to be chosen.

When we arrived at the University we were greeted by very helpful ambassadors who then took us to a Lecture Theatre within the media part of the University.

We then had our very first lecture.  It mainly revolved around journalism and the type of things journalists have to deal with.  We then had a quick break and returned back to our lecture which included an activity.  We (as journalists) had to make decisions about which storylines were relevant to include in articles.  This helped us develop our skills of only including important, more interesting information within essays.

After this, we were split into smaller groups and each group was put with an ambassador.  They took us to different parts of the University and gave us a tour.  The ambassadors showed us the student accommodation and informed us of the price of living.  It helped us to get a better idea of what university life would be like.  Once we finished the tour we were taken to the studios in which media student’s film their own TV programmes.  We were taken to the recording studio where the filming takes place and shown how the presenters would appear on TV with the correct lighting and microphones.  There was also a room where producers give instructions to the presenters in the main filming room.   At lunch we were taken back into our lecture room and provided with food.

My favourite part of the day included going into another lecture room and participating in an activity called Kaboot.  It was a way of interacting and allowing everyone to gain a deeper understanding about media, all just simply through our phones.  There were questions shown upon the screen at the front of the lecture room and we had to vote for the correct answer. During the last part of the day we had our final lecture where we had an insight into what it was like to be a presenter as well as a journalist.

Overall, it was a very fulfilling experience and I learnt many things – not just about media but also about what is expected from me at University.

When we arrived at the University we had a tour around the campus which was very widespread as the University was in different building across an area of Manchester. The University opens so many doors, the opportunities are endless.  We took part in the ‘Multimedia and Journalism Day and sat in Lecture rooms and ambassadors discussed how their life at the University is going and what courses they have taken to be able to achieve their goals in media and journalism. The day was very informative and fun and was full of discussions and interactive quizzes which gave us an understanding of Media and the Jobs that are available. I had a really good day and feel more confident in the profession I would like to go into.

by Macey Brooks 10A