Brilliant Club

On Monday 29th January a group of year 9/10 Cansfied students attended Lancaster University to graduate through the scholar’s program – Brilliant Club.  During the academic year the students attended a combination of university trips to both Manchester University and Lancaster University. The Brilliant Club delivered excellent programme of academic enrichment to a small group of students at Cansfield.   Additionally, there was in-school tutorials and online support offered to help develop the knowledge, skills needed to produce a 5000-word essay on Gothic Literature.  The students gained so much from the experience and their eyes were opened up to the possibilities of higher education.


Grace Clarey – It sounds and looked like there is lots to do! I don’t think anything could have been improved on the day, it was brilliant.

Jess Lowe – I really enjoyed the graduation at the end of our visit and felt proud.

Sophie Ratcliffe – It was interesting to see the difference between Lancaster and Manchester Universities

Kristian Wright – The whole experience of visiting two universities has been enjoyable and has given me an idea of what life is like at university.  Both of the visits have influenced me to want to now go into further and higher education when I leave Cansfield.