School Meals

Students have to queue, in year groups, to use the canteen/ dining area. The times rotate so that each year group has early access to meals. The form tutor will notify their form each week of the rota. During the first week Year 7 students will go into lunch early so that they may become accustomed to the routine. They will be encouraged to attend as many of the lunch time clubs as possible.

The school canteen offers a wide range of meals to suit all tastes, hot meals, salads, sandwiches, vegetarian, chips! The canteen is also open at morning break to sell toast, tuck, drinks etc.

The canteen is run on a cafeteria system. The student simply chooses a meal and then pays for it. Money should be brought in each day, not weekly as experienced in primary school. £2.10 will buy you a meal deal.

As soon as your child realises he/she has no money, they should notify their Head of Year who will loan them money until the following day, or make alternative arrangements.

Where family income is limited parents have a right to ask for assistance towards school meals. Parents who think they may be entitled should apply using the appropriate form (please the button at the top of the page to apply online). As a general guide if a family is currently on Income Support they will qualify, but other circumstances may entitle you to assistance. Please contact school if in doubt.

Can my child bring a packed lunch to school? Yes, but we ask that all food is eaten in the canteen and not in classrooms.

Can my child go home for lunch? Yes, but this should be a permanent choice for the year. It is not acceptable for students to go home some days and stay in school for the rest. Written permission must be given by parents at the beginning of the term, accepting full responsibility for their child during the lunchtime period. All students are expected to go straight home (it is not acceptable for them to buy food and walk round the local streets) and should return by 1.15 pm. Likewise, should a change in your child’s lunchtime arrangements be necessary, we ask that we are notified in writing, giving the date the change will take effect from.

It is not acceptable for students to leave the school site unless prior arrangement has been made for them to go home for dinner.

On occasion, the Head of Year or a senior member of staff may give special permission for a student to leave the premises, perhaps to collect a book from home or for an unexpected circumstance. Any child found out of school without permission will be reprimanded.